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What is MeRT, and how does it relate to autism?

• MeRT is a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. While it has shown some promise in treating certain mental health conditions, its effectiveness for autism is still being researched. Mert is being explored as a potential tool to address specific symptoms associated with autism, such as repetitive behaviors and social communication challenges.


 Do you take Insurance ?

• Currently, we are not in network with any insurance carriers.


Are there any risks or side effects associated with MeRT for autism?

• While MeRT is generally considered safe, potential side effects may include mild headaches, scalp discomfort, or muscle contractions during treatment

 Who might benefit from MeRT for autism?

• Currently, individuals with autism experiencing specific symptoms, such as repetitive behaviors, difficulties in social interactions, poor sleep hygiene, aggressive behavior or those who are nonverbal. 

How Long is treatment ? 

Treatment can vary based on doctors recommendations but typically 4 to 6 weeks 8 week max.

How long is each session ? 

Each session is 30 minutes per day day days a week. Two weeks consist of one session. 

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