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Drugs for Autism Treatment: Is there a safe, effective alternative?

Drugs for autism treatment can often lead to greater problems. At Reign-Bow Treatment Center,

we offer a drug-free alternative.

Once a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, many physicians will prescribe specific drugs for autism treatment. However, despite dozens of medicines tested for autism and hundreds of clinical trials, none has been approved to treat the core symptoms of autism: communication difficulties, social challenges, and repetitive behavior.

In fact, the FDA has approved only two drugs to treat symptoms related to autism: the antipsychoticsrisperidoneandaripiprazole.Both of these drugs treat irritability, which can be vital when a child has problems with aggression or self-injury. And these drugs may help to minimize symptoms in order to help a child focus enough to benefit from learning and behavioral therapies.

Unfortunately, these drugs — and the many other drugs doctors may prescribe to treat autism-related symptoms — can come with additional problems.

Complications with drugs for autism treatment

While no drug can treat the core characteristics of autism, many drugs can ease other symptoms. These can include drugs for ADHD, anxiety, depression, irritability, self-injury, and more. To treat these symptoms, doctors may prescribe stimulants (to improve focus), antidepressants (such as SSRIs) for depression and anxiety, and antipsychotics for aggression.

However, each of these drugs comes with its own set of side effects, which can lead to doctors prescribing additional drugs to deal with those side effects.

Plus, when parents don’t see hoped-for results, they may switch doctors. And each doctor may have their own way of treating autism symptoms and prescribe different drugs. Thus, a child may end up taking new drugs without eliminating the ones they are currently on.

If you’ve been in a situation like this, then you know how difficult this can be. You want your child to improve, you can see their potential, but you can’t seem to unlock it. It can be frustrating, to say the least. 

That’s why we are so proud to offer an alternative solution to drugs for autism treatment.

Call us to learn more about a drug-free alternative to autism treatment


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