MeRT Is Groundbreaking Therapy
 Revolutionizing The Way We Treat Neurological Disorders. MeRT Has Been Proven To Provide Remarkable Results. Experience A Significant Reduction In Symptoms, Improved Cognitive Function, Enhanced Mood, And A Renewed Sense Of Vitality.

Many Patients Report Significant Symptom Reduction After Just A Few Sessions, Allowing Them To Regain Control Of Their Lives And Experience A Renewed Sense Of Well-Being.
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Embrace the future of autism treatment with MeRT and unlock their true potential. Join the growing community of families who have witnessed the transformative power of MeRT and take the first step towards a brighter future today!

Reign-Bow Treatment Center

Mental Health & Behavioral Health in Lombard, IL

Learn About MeRT Therapy:
The Revolutionary Solution for Autism, PTSD, Anxiety, ADHD, TBI,
Depression, Covid Fog, OCD, Parkinson's, and More!
Safe & FDA Cleared
Safe & FDA Cleared
TMS is FDA Cleared and highly effective in treating depression.
Medication Free
Within four weeks of MeRT treatment patients have been able to remove daily medications from lifestyle 

No Systematic Side Effects

MeRT allows you to return to normal activities right away. Patients see improvements with in the first two weeks
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About Reign-Bow Treatment Center

Reign-Bow Treatment Center in Lombard, Illinois, is a highly regarded mental health practice offering one of today’s most advanced non-medical treatments: Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRT). Its compassionate team uses MeRT to treat most mental health disorders and traumatic brain injuries, improving symptoms that didn’t respond to conventional medical care.

The practice’s slogan — we will see you on the other side of the Reign-Bow — serves as a daily reminder that everyone has hope for a better life following successful MeRT.

The providers know first-hand how MeRT can improve autism symptoms. The practice is named in honor of Reign, the founder’s daughter, who received MeRT from a specialist in Florida.

MeRT customizes repetitive transcranial magnetic resonance imaging (rTMS) treatments to target the underperforming brain area responsible for each person’s symptoms. The safe magnetic pulses stimulate nerve activity, restoring brain balance and easing a patient’s symptoms.

In addition to treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions, the providers at Reign-Bow Treatment Center offer quantitative electroencephalograms (qEEGs).

They routinely perform qEEGs to individualize MeRT and monitor brain improvements during treatment. They also offer qEEGs to everyone because the service is difficult for most people to access through other practices.

Reign-Bow Treatment Center makes it easy to get MeRT and qEEGs through extended office hours. The office opens as early as 7 am, stays open as late as 7 pm, and is open more often than most practices, including during some holidays.

The providers ask patients to make a deposit before scheduling their first series of MeRT treatments. The Reign-Bow Treatment Center providers review each person’s progress every 10 days, performing follow-up qEEGs so patients can see the positive changes in their brain activity.

To learn more about MeRT or schedule an appointment, call Reign-Bow Treatment Center or book an appointment online today.


Patients Reviews

"The clinic and especially the staff were absolutely amazing!"

Melissa A.
"Phenomenal service and incredible staff. Reign-bow is full of compassionate people who are eagered to help those, who suffer with Autism and Mental Illness."

Danielle P.
"They have so much patience for kids. Differently recommend."

Jelena Z.

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